J. Gabriel, M. Huarte, E. Salas


In this work, the “state of art” of the Latin American Potato Journal is analyzed, as a means of scientific and technical diffusion of the potato crop, which is published by the Latin American Potato Association (LAPA). The objectives of the document are: i) to make a current analysis of the Journal and its challenges in the world of information and ii) to share the strategy developed for achieving visibility. The journal has a biannual frequency (June and December). Original and unpublished articles are accepted in biotechnologies, genomics, physiology, nutrition and fertilization of crops, genetics and plant breeding, entomology, phytopathology, integrated phytoprotection, agroecology, malherbology, geomatics, soils, water and irrigation, postharvest and agro-industrialization, rural development and agro-business, agricultural economy and marketing of agricultural products. Since 1988, the LAPA Journal has published 25 issues. Twelve invited articles, 170 scientific articles, 25 short communications and 8 reviews, totaling 215 publications. From this total, 29% are from Bolivia, 23% from Peru, 13% from Argentina, 8% from Colombia, 8% from Ecuador, 4% from Venezuela, 3% from Mexico and 4% from Brazil. Countries such as Spain, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, USA and Denmark have contributed 1% each country. The main publication topics were in phytopathology, entomology, plant breeding, agronomy and physiology, agro-industry, genetics resources, participatory methodologies and economics, seed production, biotechnology and microbiology.

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